Photo by: James Heatherly

Basil (yes, like the herb) Soper is a bisexual man of transgender experience, writer, photographer, intersectional activist and survivor. He is the founder and Executive Director at Transilient. He writes about gender expectations, poverty, and power: which genders have power, which don’t, how parents and children transfer power, and the consequences of that power distribution. These core elements of his work are peppered with imagery and experiences from the southeast, an impoverished upbringing, sexual encounters, cultivated relationships, and how these themes might complicate the life of a transgender adult male in the United States. Personal essays he’s written including these perceptions have been published in numerous large publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, INTO, The Huffington Post, and The Advocate Magazine. His poems involving these concepts have been seen in the 12th Street Journal and Rock the Pigeon. His documentary work with Transilient which aimed to change the narrative about trans people created by the media has been featured in Buzzfeed, Bustle, Refinery 29 and more. He is a Davis-Putter scholar and winner of a Prized Solutions: NYC award.